Xyron Pro X1255 Refill Cartridge

Xyron DL1251-150 cold laminating cartridge for the Xyron Pro 1255 machine and Xyron 1250.Perfect for working in conjunction with Xerox Color Qube Printers. Product Code: 125115.

  • A high gloss film suitable for use on a variety of substrates.
  • Superior adhesion and compatible with most media.
  • Easy to fold and store while also being protected and durable: ideal for construction environments, etc.
  • Acid-free and environmentally friendly.
  • Simple and quick to use, with its cartridge slot-in operation.
  • Measurements Usage: 45m x 310mm (approx. 217 A4 sheets / 108 A3 sheets.
  • Ideal for schools, construction areas (as shown in photo example), foresters, public services, etc.

Product Features

  • Double sided lamination refill cartridge for the Xyron Pro X1255 machine
  • The Xyron Pro X1255 allows you to produce professional client presentations, mock-ups and POPs etc
  • There’s a range of application cartridges for you to choose from and the patented drop-in cartridge system allows you to effortlessly switch cartridges between applications.
  • This refill is a high quality film suitable for use on a variety of substrates
  • The film has superior adhesion, excellent clarity, and is compatible with most media.

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