Ink Hero 12 Pack with gray (2 of each colour) Canon CLI-526 PGI-525 PIXMA MG6150 MG6250 MG8150 MG8250 Printer Ink Cartridges for Printers

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You’ll want to have one of these on hand when that link light starts flashing; just snap these ink cartridges into place and you’ll be up and running again Its great quality makes photos and prints … Continue reading

6 x 100 ml/580 581 Printer Ink Cartridges for Canon Pixma Pureink Refill Ink for Canon PGI-550/8120 TS 8126, TS 8150 TS 8151 TS 8152 TS 9120 TS 9150, TS 9155 (Non Oem)

X6 100ml printer ink for Canon 580, CLI pump compatible printer ink cartridges with refill accessory and instructions (cannot guarantee instructions are in English)
Finest refill ink for each cartridge Approx 10 ~ 20 filling (we will prepare the lighting voltage according … Continue reading

Canon Blocked Edible Ink Printer Cleaning Kit Suitable for use with: Pixma MG5450, MG5550, MG5650, MG6350, MG6650, MG7150, MG7550, MGMX925, IP7250, IP8750, IX6850, MX725

KATIE’S EDIBLE INK CLEANING KIT Easy to use, simply take out your edible ink cartridges and replace with the cleaning cartridges and print some test pages. The cleaning fluid gets pushed through the actual ink lines. Cleaning as it goes. For … Continue reading

Canon PG545 CL546 Original Black & Colour Ink Cartridges for Canon PIXMA MG2450 Printers

Original Canon PG545 Black & CL546 Colour Ink Cartridges. For use with Canon Pixma iP2850, iP2855, MG2450, MG2455, MG2550, MG2555, MG2950, MG2950S, MG2955, MX495

Product Features

  • 1x Original Canon PG545 Black & CL546 Tri-Colour Ink Cartridge
  • 8ml Black, 9ml Colour … Continue reading

5×100 ml PureInk Refill Ink, Printer Ink for Canon PGI-550, CLI-551 Printer Cartridges, Canon Pixma IP 7200 Series, IP 7250, IP 8700 Series, IP 8750, IX 6800 Series, IX 6850 (non OEM)

5 x 100ml PureInk refill ink, printer ink for Canon PGI-550, CLI-551 printer cartridges

With this printer ink, you can fill your Canon ink cartridges “60 to 70” times. The ink set includes 5 x 100 ml printer ink … Continue reading

6x 100ml printer ink for Canon PGI-580, CLI-581 printer cartridges for Canon Pixma TS 8120, TS 8126, TS 8150, TS 8151, TS 8152, TS 9120, TS 9150, TS 9155 (non OEM)

6x 100ml printer ink for Canon PGI-580, CLI-581 ink cartridges with refill accessories and instructions

Finest refill ink for each cartridge about 10-20 refills (depending on the size of the print cartridge) from the laboratory and the … Continue reading

Canon CL-511 Ink Cartridge for printers (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Pixma iP/MP/MX/Pro, Blister, Inkjet)

bCL511bbr Designed with FINE Full Photolithographic Inkjet Nozzle Engineering technologyyour photos

Product Features

  • Printing colours: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow
  • Compatible products: PIXMA IP/MP/MX/Pro
  • Print technology: Inkjet
  • C

Click Here For … Continue reading

5 Refill Refillable Ink Cartridges to replace Canon PIXMA IP7250 iX6850 iP8750 Printers

Suitable for all the following printers Canon Pixma iP7200,IP7250.IP8750,IX6850,MG5400,MG5450,MG5550,MG6350,MG6450,MG7150,MX725,MX925 They have an Auto Reset Chip so everytime you refill them they will automatically reset to show full.

Product Features

Ink Jungle PG-545 Black & CL-546 Colour Remanufactured Ink Cartridge For Canon PIXMA MX495 Inkjet Printers

Ink Cartridges will fit the following Canon printers: Canon PIXMA MG2450 MG2455 MG2550 MG2555 iP2850 iP2855 MG2950 MG2950S MG2955 MX495 Inkjet Printers

Product Features

  • 1x PG545 Black & CL546 Colour Remanufactured Ink Cartridge
  • Black – 8ml, Colour – 8ml
  • Cartridges … Continue reading

Compatible Refillable PGI-525 CLI-526 Empty Ink Cartridges with Auto-Reset Chip for Canon Pixma IP4800, IP4820, IP4840, IP4850, IP4870, IP4950, MG5120, MG5140, MG5150, MG5170, MG5220, MG5240, MG5250, MG5270, MG6120, MG6140, MG6150, MG6170, MG8120, MG8140, MG8150, MG8170, IX6520, IX6550, MX882, MX885 Printers – PGI-525 CLI-526 ONE SET


Product Features

  • These empty cartridges are supplied with the latest button reset chips
  • Prestige Cartridges produce sharp images and text, so we offer you 100% satisfaction or your money back
  • NON OEM … Continue reading


Parts Included… 1 x Refill Tool for Stabilising Internal Pressure of Cartridge. Comes with attachment for Black cartridge and another for the colour cartridge. 1 X 50ml Black Ink Bottle with Syringe. 1 X 50ml Cyan Ink Bottle with Syringe. 1 … Continue reading

5 non genuine Canon PG570 CLi571 EMPTY refill refillable ink cartridges kit for Pixma MG5750 Pixma MG5751 Pixma MG5753 Pixma MG6850 Pixma MG6851 Pixma MG6852 Pixma MG6853 Pixma MG7750 Pixma MG7751 Pixma MG7752 Pixma MG7753

Please make sure that you are buying the right ink model for your printer. This Cartridges can be refill and reuse more than 50 times. Shipped without ink. Dye or edible inks fully supported.

Product Features