PG540 PG-540XL CL541 CL-541XL TONER EXPERTE® Set of 2 XL Compatible Ink Cartridges for Canon Pixma MG4250 MG4150 MG3650 MG3550 MG3350 MG3250 MG3150 MG2250 MG2150 MX455 MX475 MX515 MX525 MX535 MX375 MX395 MX435 MG4200 MG4100 MG3500 MG3255 MG3200 MG3100 MG2200 MG2100 | High Capacity

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TONER EXPERTE Compatible Ink Cartridges Replacement for Canon PG-540XL CL-541XL are guaranteed to perform with your Canon printer. They replace the original Canon PG-540XL CL-541XL ink cartridges, and can be used in the following Canon Pixma … Continue reading

LXTEK Remanufactured Canon PG-540 XL CL-541 XL Ink Cartridges Compatible for Canon Pixma MG3650 MG4250 MG3550 MG3150 MX475 MG2100 MG2140 MG2150 MG2155 MG2200 MG2250 MG3100 MG3155 MG3200 MG3250 MG3350 MG3500 MG3600 MG4100 MG4150 MG4200 MX374 MX375 MX390 MX395 MX430 MX432 MX434 MX435 MX455 MX515 MX520 MX525 MX530 MX535 MX455 Printer (1 Black, 1 Colour)

Advantages for this remanufactured item:
– Printing performance is almost the same as genuine OEM ink cartridge at 1/2 of the price.
– Convenient and cost-effective for daily use such as school, work, and home printing.
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The Ink Squid 1 Set (2 Cartridges) of PG-540/CL-541 XL Compatible Non-oem Ink Cartridges Replaces (PG-540/CL-541) for the Canon Pixma MG2150 MG2250 MG3150 MG3155 MG3250 MG3350 MG3550 MG3650 Printers

2 PG-540 / CL-541 Chipped Compatible Ink Cartridges of the Highest-Quality. 1 x PG-540 Black 1 x CL-541 Colour

Product Features

  • 1 Set of Canon PG-540 / CL-541 Non-oem Compatible Ink Cartridges of the Highest-Quality.
  • Save a Fortune Compared to … Continue reading