Refill Ink Packs for HP 301 364 300 920 Black Colour Magenta Cyan and Yellow

Compatible Refill Inks for use with HP, Canon, Epson and Lexmark Printer.
This buy it now is for 12 bottles of High Colour Gloss Vibrant Ink Refills which include the syringe built into the bottle.

They are compatible with various products including Epson, HP, Canon and now Kodak.

Most ink cartridges can be refilled more than once, but have a lifetime refill of about 3, that is after 3 refills you may need to buy new ink cartridges because the print head deteriorates gradually.

To check if your printer cartridge can be refilled, please remove the original sticker. For example, HP and Kodak cartridges can be refilled simply by pulling off the sticker on top and three holes should be revealed which you can puncture with the syringe and insert ink.

Please note that this ink will stain clothes so please be careful when refilling, if you have instructions already for your cartridge then please perform refilling in a metal sink with some pair of gloves. For every bottle of ink we sell we now enclose a FREE pair of gloves. In this bulk pack you will recieve 12 free gloves which will be more than sufficient for handling the refills.

We cant provide exact instructions but there are many websites on google which can show guidelines, if you need more information on your cartridge please email us and we will forward you to the correct direction/website.

Product Features

  • Ink Refills for use with the following models
  • Canon,
  • HP,
  • Epson
  • Lexmark

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3 Responses to Refill Ink Packs for HP 301 364 300 920 Black Colour Magenta Cyan and Yellow

  1. Alexander Harrison says:

    An Excellent Money Saving Product. Great product , ink as good as original. I didn’t need instructions as once you peel back the cartridge label it is obvious where the filling holes are and which colour to use. As for the ink being messy this is a function of how careful you are and what you do to protect your skin, clothes and surfaces. I found that there was relatively little mess and there will be less next time now that i am familiar with the use of the product. Even if i only get three or four refills per cartridge this…

  2. The James's says:

    Podger says Awesome

  3. Duda says:

    Easy and economic