Pristine Fluid cleaning kit (50ml). Clean & unblock printhead nozzle for Canon / HP / Kodak printer print head

Pristine Fluid is a professional chemical solution with more than 40,000 customers, developed in cooperation with PhD researchers. It is a concentrated formulation designed to clean & flush printheads.
Pristine Fluid should be used when poor printing quality is experienced – streaks or missing lines – and when printer auto-cleaning cycles are ineffective. It can be used to unblock & clean printheads, refill empty cleaning cartridges, moisten printer ink pads.
No dismantling required!

Is it good?
The kit is always successful as long as printheads are not damaged. For around 5% of printers, printheads are already damaged hence cannot be rescued. This can happen as a result of overheating (printer used with blocked nozzles or too many auto-cleaning cycles), wear and tear, or when poor quality ink is used. The printer needs to be clear of any error message prior to using the kit.
We offer FREE support if you need assistance.

What’s in the Kit?
50ml of fluid, a step-by-step manual (16 pages), tubing & adapters, syringe and gloves (latex free).
Includes a FREE connector for Epson & Brother printers!

Compatible with Canon, HP, Kodak, Epson, Brother A4/A3 printers, EXCEPT Epson series XP500/XP600/XP700/XP800.
Compatible with dye/pigmented/sublimation inks (not with solvent or edible inks).
To find our other kits: click on the “Pristine Fluid” link under the main title.

Product Features

  • Revives blocked printhead nozzles, improves print quality, refills cleaning cartridges
  • 100% success rate on healthy heads (based on 40,000 customers)
  • Kit includes: 50ml of fluid, instructions, accessories, FREE support
  • Compatibility: Epson & Brother A4/A3 printers (except Epson series XP500/XP600/XP700/XP800), dye/pigmented/sublimation inks
  • Fits through letterbox – no need to be home

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3 Responses to Pristine Fluid cleaning kit (50ml). Clean & unblock printhead nozzle for Canon / HP / Kodak printer print head

  1. Angus Stockwell says:

    Fantastic! My fancy Kodak ESP 5210 all in one printer decided it would print all of nothing a few nights ago having worked perfectly for approx 2 years. It had been turned off & not used for approx 2 weeks. No matter how many times I used the maintenance options to clean the heads etc, took the cartridges out & shook them etc, paper remained completely blank. Tried new cartridiges – nothing. As a last ditch attempt before ordering a replacement printer head I ordered this nozzel cleaning kit. It took…

  2. Pedro Pete says:

    Excellent-Cleared blocked black jets on HP 5524 Photosmart printer Similar report to others. I’d seen the youtube clips and tried the ‘simple’ ways involving soaking (for a week) …. no use at all, in fact seemed to make things worse. Then tried using my own syringe methods but the cleaning fluid just went everywhere. Eventually stripped and removed the print head for a more thorough cleaning on the tabletop …. reassembled with possibly 30% success. Then ordered this kit. …. instantly impressed.Although you don’t seem to get a lot for your…

  3. Anonymous says:

    Had tried all the usual steps, even stripping and removing/flushing print head carriage with hot water (U Tubes help) to no avail. Pristine fluid kit arrived quickly/well packed, ran cleaner solution through black inlet port on print head (as per instructions supplied for “removable print head carriage)” as I actually stripped/removed carriage, as I now knew how to (thanks u Tube), ‘re assembled (about 35 mins work) and hey Presto ALL WORKING GREAT! Quite impressed with myself and the…