Pristine Fluid cleaning kit (120ml). Clean & unblock printhead nozzle for Epson / Brother printer print head

Pristine Fluid is a professional chemical solution with more than 30,000 customers, developed in cooperation with PhD researchers. It is a concentrated formulation designed to clean & flush printheads.
Pristine Fluid should be used when poor printing quality is experienced – streaks or missing lines – and when printer auto-cleaning cycles are ineffective. It can be used to unblock & clean printheads, refill empty cleaning cartridges, moisten printer ink pads.
No dismantling required!

Is it good?
The kit is always successful as long as printheads are not damaged. For around 5% of printers, printheads are already damaged hence cannot be rescued. This can happen as a result of overheating (printer used with blocked nozzles or too many auto-cleaning cycles), wear and tear, or when poor quality ink is used. The printer needs to be clear of any error message prior to using the kit.
We offer FREE support if you need assistance.

What’s in the Kit?
120ml of fluid (sent in 1 or 2 bottles), a step-by-step manual (16 pages), tubing & adapters, syringe, gloves (latex free) and blotting paper.

Compatible with Epson and Brother A4/A3 printers.
Compatible with dye inks and pigment inks (a.k.a. archival).
Not compatible with solvent based inks, edible inks, Epson BX600/BX700/BX800 series.

Other printers
Pristine Fluid is also available for other printers brands.

Product Features

  • Revives blocked printhead nozzles, improves print quality, refills cleaning cartridges
  • 95% success rate. FREE support!
  • 30,000+ customers (inc. private, businesses, printer technicians)
  • Easy to use – Comes with detailed manual, 120ml of fluid, all accessories. Fits through a UK letterbox – no need to be home!
  • Compatible with all Epson & Brother A4/A3 printers, dye and pigment (except BX600/BX700/BX800 series)

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2 Responses to Pristine Fluid cleaning kit (120ml). Clean & unblock printhead nozzle for Epson / Brother printer print head

  1. Mr Graham Dewhirst says:

    A bit of time & effort and it worked! We have an Epson printer than suddenly stopped printing legibly. I’ve had the same issue with printers before and always ended up buying a new one. This time, I thought I’d spend a few pounds on this cleaning kit but with the expectation that the printer would still have to be replaced. However, after following the well written instructions and a bit of time and effort, the printer is back working. I’ve only used around half of 1 bottle of the cleaning fluid and therefore have enough for…

  2. TM says:

    Printer new lease of life I thought my printer was dying. Three colours stopped working – absolutely nothing. My options were 1. A new printer (£60) or 2. Get it serviced (£??). I did research to check if anyone else had experienced a similar problem with an Epson and quite a few had. Some fixed the problem by unclogging ink. YouTube had plenty of demos under “unclog Epson print heads” .So I found this third option on Amazon. Please look at this price – £7.50. A saving of £52.50 for a new printer…