Printers & Ink (Money Saving Secrets Everyone Should Know)

Stop paying inflated prices for ink. Learn how I starting paying cents instead of dollars. Printers & Ink: Money Saving Secrets Everyone Should Know shows you how in clear, easy-to-follow steps. No refilling mess, no chipping your cartridges, just the simple changes I made that will save you thousands over the lifetime of your printer.

This remarkable book is jam-packed with revelations about the price you’re REALLY paying for your home inkjet printer ink and reveals how you can pay just a fraction of that cost from this point onwards.
In addition, Printers & Ink: Money Saving Secrets Everyone Should Know offers dozens of hints and tips to enable you to master the art of ensuring your printer always produces superb quality prints for just cents per page.

Issues this book addresses include:

– Choices. We look at what you should and shouldn’t do to save money.
– Steps you must take to make your printer last.
– Why you shouldn’t re-fill your cartridges, and why doing so not only makes a mess but can also harm your printer.
– Why manufacturers’ cartridges are so expensive—and why you will never have to use them ever again.
– and LOTS more!

This works for ALL countries

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2 Responses to Printers & Ink (Money Saving Secrets Everyone Should Know)

  1. MoRed says:

    Essential information for efficient home and small office printer choice and usage This book reveals a whole raft of information that you can otherwise only find out from long (and sometimes bitter), experience. Although I was aware of some of the issues discussed in the book, there were still many facts new to me although I have long experience of printers and the expenses involved in keeping them supplied. The information on good reviews was an eye opener! This book is aimed at everyday users of small printers whether that is in the context of small office or home usage…

  2. Michael Finlayson says:

    Made me think again If you’ve got a computer then the chances are that you do some printing, some do more, some do less. I have to admit that I’ve never thought about what machine I buy, I’m more of the I see, I buy brigade. This book will make you think on what to look for so that you can make an informed decision. I wasn’t too sure about it at first, but once I read it I realised that this a book that will save me money, and that’s a good thing. Inside this book is everything that you could possible need to…