Prestige Cartridge Compatible D1042S Laser Toner Cartridge for Samsung Printers – Black (Pack of 2)

Prestige Cartridge Product:
Model: MLT-D1042S
Content: 2 Blacks
Ink/toner colour: Black
Ink/toner type: Compatible
Suitable for printer model: ML1660, ML1665, ML1670, ML1860, ML1865, ML1865W, SCX3205, SCX3205W

Our product is the compatible replacement of the OEM model. It is manufactured with the highest standards of quality, reliability and compatibility. We guarantee our products without defects in materials and workmanship. If the product is found to have problems under normal circumstance, demand for a return is acceptable. Meeting standards of ISO 9001&14001, we produce our products with 100% new components.

Please be informed that this product is COMPATIBLE MODEL, NON-OEM.

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Product Features

  • Brand new and high capacity compatible laser toner cartridges with the latest version chip manufactured with Standardization ISO 9001 and ISO 140001
  • Replaces: MLT-D1042S
  • Compatible Samsung Printers: ML1660, ML1661, ML1665, ML1666, ML1670, ML1675, ML1860, ML1865, ML1865W, SCX3200, SCX3201, SCX3205, SCX3205W, SCX3206, SCX3217, SCX3218
  • Compatible Samsung Printers: ML 1660, ML 1661, ML 1665, ML 1666, ML 1670, ML 1675, ML 1860, ML 1865, ML 1865W, SCX 3200, SCX 3201, SCX 3205, SCX 3205W, SCX 3206, SCX 3217, SCX 3218

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3 Responses to Prestige Cartridge Compatible D1042S Laser Toner Cartridge for Samsung Printers – Black (Pack of 2)

  1. M says:

    Fraction of the cost and no loss in quality! This item was shipped in a box labelled as “premium toner cartridge”. The cartridge was adequately protected with a firm bubble wrap but when removed from the plastic liner, it had some residual toner scattered around its exterior. When the cover protecting the drum was removed, further toner powder was dislodged and scattered all over my desk and documents which was slightly troublesome as I had to clean the mess up.The cartridge fitted my samsung ML-1865 with no problems and the…

  2. Greg says:

    Absolute Junk – Ruined My Carpet & Printer This item was absolutely covered in toner powder on opening the package which went all over my hands and carpet. I cleaned it up and put it in my printer and it proceeded to print entirely black pages. I updated drivers, opened and reinserted and nothing helped. Tried old toner and it printed ok – faint as it has almost run out and somewhat smudged with toner that leaked out of this new cartridge but at least it printed something other than a 100% black page. Reinserted this toner to test again…

  3. David says:

    Not So Good