PARKER QUINK Long Fountain Pen Ink Refill Cartridges, Black, 5 Count

Permanent ink lays down smoothly, dries fast and won’t smear. Cartridge keeps ink contained so replacing it is a clean process. Parker refill cartridges are fitted with “ink reserves” ready to be released with a tap when a writer starts running on empty. Pen Refill Type: Fountain; Refill For Series: All Parker Permanent Ink Fountain Pens.

Product Features

  • Ink refill cartridges designed exclusively for PARKER fountain pens
  • Convenient long cartridge keeps ink contained for effortless refilling
  • Richly pigmented ink makes a vivid impression on the page
  • Cartridge design allows you to easily use your fountain pen wherever you are
  • Includes 5 black ink refills
  • Enjoy a refined and convenient writing experience with PARKER QUINK fountain pen ink refills. Cartridge design makes it easy to replace ink when it’s time to refill or change colors.

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2 Responses to PARKER QUINK Long Fountain Pen Ink Refill Cartridges, Black, 5 Count

  1. Mara Burrows says:

    Nothing wrong with the cartridges, but I thought because …

  2. Rachel Armstrong says:

    Too small but great colour! I’m not sure whether these cartridges are old stock or simply not made correctly but the small ink reserve at the end of the cartridge just doesn’t release any ink and as a result they run out fairly quickly.Also, because they are so much smaller than the usual black and blue cartridges this is a bit annoying as you don’t get much written before you need to replace the cartridge. If they made a bigger cartridge with a functioning ink reserve they would be superb and I would be buying…