OfficeForce Inkjet & Toner Cartridge Office Recycling Bin 60 litres – with FREE re-usable Recycling Clear Bin Liner – Pack of 5 bins

The patented ‘drop out bottom’ allows the body of the bin to be lifted away from the base when full, this reduces risk to back injury when lifting heavy loads usually through the top of the bin. Ideal for the recycling of Laser Printer & Inkjet Cartidges. Size: 677mm H x 360mm W Capacity: 60 litres Material: 80% Recycled Corrugated Board Sustainable Source: Yes Biodegradable: Yes Manufactured in: UK Manufacturing Miles: 99

Product Features

  • 60 litres capacity
  • Manufactured in the UK for a low carbon footprint
  • FREE re-usable clear recycling bin liner
  • Drop out base to reduce back strain from lifting
  • Customised Overprints available – Search OfficeForce for other recycling products

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