Non-OEM Universal Pigment and Dye Based Printer Ink Bottles for CISS or Refillable Cartridges 100ml B,C,M,Y

These inks for CISS (continuous ink supply system) printer systems or refillable cartridges could help you save money when used with used with compatible printers and systems (Lexmark, HP, Canon, Epson EcoTank, Brother, etc).

This pack offers 100ml bottles of black, cyan, magenta and yellow refill ink – which is perfect for refilling cartridges, dye carts and ciss systems/tanks.

The black ink is pigment based, while the colours are dye-based. 

Pigment based ink is known as archival ink. It is UV and water resistant and offers fade resistant prints. Pigment base ink is often used as a black ink by a number of manufacturers as it offers sharp, smudge resistant black text, similar to a laser printer.

Pigment ink is made of pigment powder which provides the colour, this powder is then mixed with a resin and the resin is what makes the ink water resistant and provides the UV resistance to the ink.

Due to its fade resisting or archival qualities pigment inks tend to be used in professional photographic printers where an archival / fade resistant print out is required.

Dye inks offer the advantage of colour vibrancy.

Please note these 100ml bottles (non-OEM) do not come with any tools or accessories to refill your ink cartridge or CISS system.

* Manufacturers of CISS printers and systems claim they can save up to 95% on ink costs by using refill ink rather than cartridges. 

What’s included 4 x 100ml universal pigment and dye based bulk printer ink bottles for CISS or refillable cartridges – black, cyan, magenta, yellow

Product Features

  • Quality black, cyan, magenta & yellow for CISS continuous ink supply systems & refillable cartridges
  • Specially formulated pigment black ink for home and office inkjet printers. Colours are dye-based
  • Could save you cash with compatible printers/systems. Epson EcoTank, Lexmark, HP, Canon, Brother etc
  • Anti-clogging formulation – which means less head cleaning.
  • Fade resistant printing with pigment base archival ink – thanks to UV and water resistant qualities

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