Livescribe 3 Ink Cartridge Refills, Black, Medium Point, 8 pack

Livescribe – Nachfüllmine für Smartpen (mittlere Spitze) – Schwarz (Packung von 8 ) – für 3 Smartpen

Product Features

  • Designed for the Livescribe 3 smartpen
  • Tungsten carbide ball point
  • Medium point
  • Black color carbon-free ink
  • Eight ink cartridges

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3 Responses to Livescribe 3 Ink Cartridge Refills, Black, Medium Point, 8 pack

  1. Brodie says:

    Does what it says, but still the same flaws… This does exactly what you’d expect. It’s an ink refill after all.Unfortunately, like all the Livescribe refills I’ve used so far, this suffers from the same two linked issues:-1. Capacity. These really don’t last very long. I hate writing. I only ever write in lectures, taking notes. So, when I do write, I tend to be very concise. And yet, over the space of twelve ninety minute lectures, I’ll go through four or five of these. And that brings me to the second issue…

  2. SPorter says:

    Scratchy refills (sad face) This refill is poor! It’s scratchy in sound, the ink flow is poor on the up/downward stroke depending on how you put it in the pen (see text in the photo). Initially I thought I just had a dodgy refill in the pack but I’ve now tried them all and they are all the same.It’s most frustrating as the ink that came with the pen was perfect and flowed smoothly. I can’t see me getting a refund but I’ll have to try as I can not use this somewhat pricey pen.Feeling extremely sad and annoyed…

  3. eyupsharpy says: