Kingdom – Episode 6

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2 Responses to Kingdom – Episode 6

  1. Speranza says:

    perfect Who could not love this Sunday evening entertainment featuring our national treasure, Stephen Fry? The comedy is gentle and the supporting cast of superb pedigree. There is nothing in this to offend Great Auntie Brian so you can invite her round for a gin without qualms (I always take my gin without qualms). The kids might get a bit bored because there are no frantic activities buzzing around like a swarm of angry meerkats, but if you can bolt them to the sofa for a few minutes – the kids, not…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Surprised at the time of writing here in 2015 to find no other Reviews as this was a sweet little British production (2007-09) that went to 3 series, 18 episodes and probably boosted tourism to the county of Norfolk where the fictional Market Shipborough was set (real location: Swaffham). Stephen Fry on wonderful form as a small town solicitor Peter Kingdom willing to bat for the underdogs, assisted by extraordinarily quirky Norris as his slightly unhinged half sister; also Imrie his…