HP CB325EE 364 Ink Cartridge – Yellow

Pages 300 Yellow Vivera Ink Cartridge No. 364
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Product Features

  • HP 364 – print cartridge
  • Printing Technology: Ink-jet
  • Printing Colour: Yellow
  • Cartridge Features: HP Vivera
  • Duty Cycle: Up to 300 pages
  • Included Qty: 1

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3 Responses to HP CB325EE 364 Ink Cartridge – Yellow

  1. Yorkie, Leeds says:

    Large 364XL Black Cartridge, Pre 2011 Thursday 5th. January 2012 at 0300hrs.Many Customers to Amazon have complained about the 364XL Black cartridge which use to be 24mm wide (2.4cm). Amazon still show the picture of this larger size cartridge but when you send for one you get the smaller 16mm wide one (1.6cm).It says on the pack in the advert for it 364XL High Capacity, looking on the back of the cartridge pack it says 550 pages!!!!I have still got one of the old cartridges (empty) and the box.The details…

  2. J C Prescott says:

    Check which 364XL you are ordering! As others have noted, there appear to be 3 different types of HP 364XL black ink cartridge: CB321EE (800 pages); CN684EE (550 pages); CB322EE (photo ink). Armed with this knowledge from other useful Amazon reviews, I checked carefully that the item advertised and paid for was CB321EE. However, it was a CN684EE that arrived. After contacting the vendor they promptly refunded the £8.18 difference between what I had paid and the market value of the product I had actually received (gleaned from…

  3. Tilak says:

    Complete deception Only printed 175+ draft quality double-spaced pages, not the 550 advertised, perhaps a line a page is what HP has in mind!! Is the world now run entirely by thieving big companies?!HP 364XL Black Ink Cartridge (550 Pages)I am now getting an error message from HP and I am printing my response to it.HP software on my computer is identifying the cartridge as counterfeit although it was bought directly from Amazon.co. uk itself. The last one bought from Amazon.co.uk…