HP 62 – CMY Ink Cartridge (C2P06AE)

Printer Consumables

Product Features

  • 62 ink cartridge
  • tri-colour standard
  • capacity 1-pack

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3 Responses to HP 62 – CMY Ink Cartridge (C2P06AE)

  1. Janet says:

    Buyer Beware!! HP 62 Black & Colour Starter Cartridges Low Yield, Go For The HP 62XL High Yield Cartridges!! When Hp sell you a new printer they supply it with a Hp 62 black and a Hp 62 colour starter cartridge. Well these cartridges only hold 5mls black (200 pages) & 5.5mls colour (165 pages) ink in them which is written in really really small writing on the back of the cartridge boxes. For the proper higher yield cartridges what you really need is the Hp 62XL black which holds 15mls of ink (600 Pages) and for the colour you should be using the Hp 62XL cartridge which holds 14mls of ink (415 Pages)…

  2. Anonymous says: