Epson T0711 x 2 Ink Cartridges – Black (Twin Pack)

Part number T0711. Colours included: black. Suitable for use with: Epson Stylus D78, DX4000 series, DX5000 series, DX6000 series, DX7000F series, Epson Stylus D92, DX4400 series, Epson Stylus D120, DX7400 series, DX8400 series, DX9400F, BX300F, S21, SX215, SX415, SX515FW, SX610FW.

Product Features

  • Genuine Epson Branded Consumable
  • High Quality Printing from Epson with Individual Ink Cartridges
  • For use with Stylus D78, DX4000, DX4050, DX5050, DX6000, DX6050 and DX7000f

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3 Responses to Epson T0711 x 2 Ink Cartridges – Black (Twin Pack)

  1. Bill (Scotland) says:

    Just does the job Like most people I have experimented with getting non-branded cartridges, but whilst they are sometimes much cheaper the quality varies and it always seems the cartridges do not last quite so long. So I went back some years ago to buying authentic cartridges. I normally buy the multi-boxes with all 4 colour cartridges, but overall the black cartridges tend to get more usage as I don’t print out too many coloured documents or photographs, so I occasionally order extra black cartridges and this…

  2. Mrs P A Anderson says:

    Great priced product The cheapest I could find original Epson black print cartridges. I found it hard to find decently priced black cartridges as usually restricted to pack of 4 and I only need this colour. My printer does not like compatible ink cartridges and as I use my printer for business letters they have to look professional. I find they last a reasonable amount of time and like the fact you can replace individual colours as use black more than any other colour. Having said that the cartridges are not cheap…

  3. Anonymous says: