Epson Polar Bear 26 Ink Cartridge – Photo Black

Product Features

  • Genuine Epson branded consumable
  • Suitable for XP600,605,700,800
  • 200 pages at 5% coverage

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3 Responses to Epson Polar Bear 26 Ink Cartridge – Photo Black

  1. Felix says:

    very unhappy

  2. chris humphreys says:

    epsom polar bear 26 ink cartridge – Photo black black photo ink

  3. Stephen Griffiths says:

    Why is Photo Black only available separately? The printer and cartridges are fine. It prints.But what is really annoying is the fact that the Photo Black is only available separately and not in the Multipack. Yet even if you are only printing black and white text and therefore one would suppose only using standard black ink, the printer won’t work with the photo black cartridge being empty. It doesn’t even attempt to print.I have replaced the Photo Black in the past and in spite of only printing B&W text the Photo Black runs…