Epson MultiPack Ink Cartridge for Stylus PH R265/R360-6 Colour Ink

Product Features

  • Product Description: Epson T0807 Multipack – print cartridge
  • Consumable Type: Print cartridge
  • Printing Technology: Ink-jet
  • Printing Colour: Black, yellow, cyan, magenta, light magenta, light cyan
  • Cartridge Features: Epson Claria Ink
  • Included Qty: 1
  • Packaging Type: Blister with radiofrequency alarm

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2 Responses to Epson MultiPack Ink Cartridge for Stylus PH R265/R360-6 Colour Ink

  1. Mark says:

    What you see is not what you get Bentham did not supply the product pictured, but two plain vacuum packs containing 3 ink tanks each. I was expecting six individually vacuum wrapped inks in a factory sealed box stating the quantity of ink in ml, and bearing the Epson anti-counterfeit Colour Shifting Label. Having learned the hard way that non-genuine inks are a false economy, I was suspicious about these.Even assuming they are genuine Epson cartridges, the ones Bentham supplied were undated, with contents of…

  2. RAD says:

    Always reliable! Always reliable!Super quick delivery – I ordered Saturday afternoon and it was delivered Sunday – what service, thanks Amazon (Prime!)Although Genuine Inks are definitely expensive, we have not, and do not, get any problems with these, no clogs, no blockages, they just work. The printer is on all the time and prints a couple of times a week. The colours are consistent and what they should be. To me that’s worth the extra cost in saved time, there is just no messing about…