Epson Hummingbird T0807 6 Colours Claria Photographic Ink Easy Mail Pack Multipack Cartridges

Epson T0807 Easy Mail Packaging – 6-pack – black, yellow, cyan, magenta, light magenta, light cyan – original – ink cartridge

Product Features

  • Original EPSON Ink Cartridges
  • New Recyclable Packaging
  • Hummingbird Ink Cartridge Multipack
  • Convenient, cost-saving multi-pack
  • Claria Photographic Inks

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3 Responses to Epson Hummingbird T0807 6 Colours Claria Photographic Ink Easy Mail Pack Multipack Cartridges

  1. Bobg says:

    Not received as advertised I received the Epson cartridges supplied by Bentham, however even though the advert clearly showed the cartridges in the original Humingbird package, they were received as two separate sealed packages of three cartridges. Thus there is no way of checking the expiry date of these.On installation I had incompatibility problems and when I’ve been able to finally get some to work they have failed after a short period.I do not believe the problem is an Epson problem but Bentham selling…

  2. Mark says:

    What you see is not what you get Bentham did not supply the product pictured, but two plain vacuum packs containing 3 ink tanks each. I was expecting six individually vacuum wrapped inks in a factory sealed box stating the quantity of ink in ml, and bearing the Epson anti-counterfeit Colour Shifting Label. Having learned the hard way that non-genuine inks are a false economy, I was suspicious about these.Even assuming they are genuine Epson cartridges, the ones Bentham supplied were undated, with contents of…

  3. JosieB says:

    Disappointed – not as ordered – beware I received my order today but it was not an Epson Original T0807 Multipack with the hummingbird picture as illustrated and, as I ordered which was [[ASIN:B000JG2NNW Epson Original T0807 Multipack Black and Colour Ink Cartridges (6 Claria Inks – T0801 Black, T0802 Cyan Blue, T0803 Magenta Red, T0804 Yellow, T0805 Light Cyan, T0806 Light Magenta)] What I got was 2 x packs of 3 cartridges wrapped together, – marked for China only – these are as you would normally get with a new printer when you…