Epson Claria No.29 Home Strawberry Ink Cartridge – Standard, Black

Kompatibilität: Epson,SX,600FW; Epson,B,40W; Epson,BX,310FN; Epson,SX,510W; Epson,SX,515W

Product Features

  • Print high-quality documents and lab-quality photographs
  • With individual inks – only replace the colour used
  • Easily recognisable Strawberry image
  • Page yields displayed clearly on each pack

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3 Responses to Epson Claria No.29 Home Strawberry Ink Cartridge – Standard, Black

  1. Lavinia Urban (Author) says:


  2. Wendy Probert says:

    Don’t Buy The T2981 (29) Its Only A Starter Cartridge Go For The T2991 (29XL) High Yield When Epson sell you a new printer(Expression XP235) they only give you starter cartridges with it which hold a very small amount of ink in them T2981 black and the T2982/3/4 colour cartridges, Multi-pack T2986 (29). I used about 3 black and 2 of each colour cartridges last month and it was costing me a small fortune to run. I later found out that Epson do a higher yield version of the T2981 & T2982/3/4 cartridges which cost only a few pounds more but hold more ink in them than the starter…

  3. Anonymous says:

    I recently replaced my old HP printer for a new Epson one, which is wireless. Still getting used to the printer, but super happy with the printer cartridges. Especially for the fact that I no longer need to take out a mortgage to replace them, or having to spend ages trying to find half way decent non branded ones, that the printer doesn’t like. I print a lot of my worksheets for school and the ink seems to last a good long while, and very nice quality ink on the paper. Probably 1/3 of the…