Epson 24XL Series Elephant Ink Cartridge – Yellow

Product Features

  • Delivering soft tonal gradations
  • Dexterous photographic prints
  • Secure, shelf-ready packaging

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2 Responses to Epson 24XL Series Elephant Ink Cartridge – Yellow

  1. Mr. A. Glancy says:

    Xl lol they must be joking xxxsmall more likely sad Xl hahahaha xxxxsmall two full sets of this ink got me 2 a3 pictures and 4 or 5 a4 pictures then ran out of ink shocking for such an expensive ink price i would hate to see normal size ink i dont understand as on my old epson the ink lasted fine no problem so have epson went down the sweetie rute and put price up and reduced size at the same time i have always used epson always i have printed over a thousand pictures well over 2-3 thousand dvd covers (long time ago before memory sticks lol) and…

  2. Wrighty says:

    Excellent results but VERY EXPENSIVE!!