Edible Ink Cartridge Set (5pcs) PGI-550 CLI-551 for Canon IP7250, MG5450, MG5550, MG5650, MG6450, MG6650, IX6850 (A3), MX725, MX925

Süße Kunststube edible ink cartridges are compatible with the corresponding Canon printer cartridges. All printers in our printer collection achieve excellent results with Kopyform food media. Cool, dark and air-tight are kept Süße Kunststube edible ink cartridges can be stored for 15 months. Sweet art food cartridges are not suitable for refilling. Ingredients Demineralized water, moisturizing agent Glycerin E422, dyes E151 *, E110 *, E104 *, E102 *, E122 *, E133, Solubilizer 1.2 Propanediol E1520, acidifying agent Citric acid E330 When printing paper, set the printer to the “plain paper” media type, and press “ChocoSheets®” on the “T-shirt or transfer foil”. The setting of the quality should always be “high”. The number of prints with food ink depends on the color intensity and size of the individual images. One set of cartridges is sufficient for approx. 60 prints in the size A4

Product Features

  • The setting of the print quality should be “High”
  • e,When printing edible paper, set the printer to the “plain paper” media typ and for printing “ChocoSheets®” set the printer “T-shirt or transfer foil”.

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