6 x 100 ml/580 581 Printer Ink Cartridges for Canon Pixma Pureink Refill Ink for Canon PGI-550/8120 TS 8126, TS 8150 TS 8151 TS 8152 TS 9120 TS 9150, TS 9155 (Non Oem)

X6 100ml printer ink for Canon 580, CLI pump compatible printer ink cartridges with refill accessory and instructions (cannot guarantee instructions are in English)
Finest refill ink for each cartridge Approx 10 ~ 20 filling (we will prepare the lighting voltage according to the printer ink cartridge in the laboratory and production of the German ink manufacturer Octopus Fluids®.
Complete set with refill syringes, cellulose swabs, latex gloves and easy to learn refill instructions may not be in English).
Fill with these printer ink the following Canon printers and printer cartridges (OEM):
Canon 580 PGBK (2078 °C001), PGI – 580 PGBK XL (2024 °C001), PGI – 580 PGBK XXL (1970 °C001) Black Pigmented
Canon CLI 581 BK (2106 °C001)/581 BK XL (2052 °C001)/581 BK XXL (1998 °C001) Black
Canon CLI 581 °C (2103 °C001), CLI 581 °C XL (2049 °C001), CLI 581 °C XXL (1995 °C001) Cyan
Canon CLI 581 M (2104 °C001), CLI 581 M XL (2050 °C001), CLI 581 M XXL (1996 °C001) Magenta
Canon CLI 581 y (2105 °C001), CLI 581 y XL (2051 °C001), CLI 581 y XXL (1997 °C001) yellow
Canon CLI 581 PB (2107 °C001), CLI 581 PB XL (2053 °C001), CLI 581 PB XXL (1999 °C001) Photo Blue
Canon Pixma TR 7520, TR 7550, TR 8520, TR 8550, TS 6120, TS 6127, TS 6150, TS 6151, TS 8120/TS 8126, TS 8150, TS 8151, TS 8152, TS 9120, TS 9150, TS 9155
And may more.
This ink by laboratory the octopus fluids GmbH & Co. kg specially designed developed and manufactured for Canon 580 and CLI 581 Compatible Printer Ink Cartridges. It is subject to a batch feed quality management, with his target perfect colour rendering and physical and chemical are meet the the special pressure systems. Premium Ink from the house of Octopus Fluids® are not universal inks.
Printer Inks of Octopus Fluids are not a OEM product of the printer manufacturer Canon ‘. All manufacturer and brand names are used only to indicate compatibility and are the property of their respective owners.

Product Features

  • Complete set of six x 100 ml Octopus® refill ink refill shots for easily refill the Canon 580 and CLI pump pack
  • Colour: Black pigment – Black, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow Photo Blue – Ink at least 2 years life
  • Content 6x 100 ml sufficient for approx. 10 – 20 filling (depend on cartridge size) of each colour.
  • Designed for Canon Pixma TR7520, TR7550, TR8520, TR8550, TS6120, TS6127, TS6150, TS6151, TS8120, TS8126, TS8150, TS8151, TS8152, TS9120, TS9150, TS9155 Printer
  • With this octopus® products you will receive quality product made in Germany. Manufacturing of the printer ink has been lab the octopus from fluids GmbH & Co. kg.

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