4x 250 ml Pureink Printer Ink Full Set of Black, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow for HP 970/971 Ink Cartridge for HP Officejet Pro X 451, X 476, X 451, X 476, X 576, X 551, Non OEM

Printer ink complete set for HP 970/971 Ink Cartridges with 4 x 250 ml ink and refill Pritzen
Available in different volume:
4 x 250 ml ink = 1.000ml
4 x 500 ml ink = 2.000ml
4 x 1000 ml ink = 4L
Contents of the complete set:
Ink Black for HP 970
Cyan Ink for HP 971
Ink Magenta for HP 971
Ink Yellow Compatible Ink Cartridges for HP 971
4 x 6x10ml with refill syringe cannulas. The ink cartridges HP 970/971 are used in the following printers:
HP Officejet Pro X 451 dn
HP Officejet Pro X 476 dn
HP Officejet Pro X 451 dw
HP Officejet Pro X 476 dw
HP Officejet Pro X 576 dw
HP Officejet Pro X 551 dw
The printer ink of this complete set by ink manufacturer Octopus Fluids® GmbH & Co. kg develops and manufactures. In the development of the printer ink the octopus fluids® Chemiker pay more attention on physical measurements such as viscosity, surface tension and pH. These levels they are almost essential to the good function of the octopus ink are in English). But most, the chemist on the colour reproduction. This must match the colour values of the original. On a variety of surfaces, the Octopus Ink Printing Results allowing your feet to reach 100% Original nachstehen.
All brand names are used only for better product allocation and are property of their respective owners.

Product Features

  • Contents: 4 x 250ml Pureink Printer Ink Refill shots
  • Pigmented black, 3 Cyan, 3 Magenta, 3 Yellow with
  • Designed for HP Officejet Pro X 451, x 476, x 451, x 476 – x 576 x 551
  • Pureink – The cost-effective alternative of the Octopus Fluids GmbH & Co. kg.

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