2XOriginal Inkjet Cartridge

Product Features

  • Compatible Devices: Unknown

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2 Responses to 2XOriginal Inkjet Cartridge

  1. mememe says:

    ok but get the XL to save on money

  2. vms says:

    Don’t buy, they run out too quickly Annoyed to say the least! I didn’t want to pay nearly £30 in the shops so when I saw the price for exactly the same thing on here I couldn’t believe it. Purchased on 30th June, can’t remember exactly when they came but we are only on the 26th July now and not only has the yellow ran out, which effects other colours like green, but has began to go streaky. I did what someone else on here said they did like cleaning the printer head, nozzle clean and deep clean, nothing improved! All I can say is…