1000ml (PIGMENT BLACK) – superInk PIGMENT ink for recharge inkjet Brother cartridges

1000ml (PIGMENT BLACK) – superInk PIGMENTED INK for recharging Brother inkjet printers cartridges

The real secret to quality prints!

The difference between a good and a bad print is given by several factors, and one of the most important is certainly the quality of the inks used. The inks are superInk high quality inks, produced exclusively by industry leaders and bottled on behalf of superInk. The product has an excellent color rendering and uses only high quality ink!

Notice !!! All inks listed above are PIGMENTED and not dye-based.

Product Features

  • Save up to 90% on the cost of the original cartridge
  • Quality ink with excellent color rendering
  • Bottle with a graduated scale (ml) and colored cap for easy recognition of the product
  • Hermetically sealed package and resealable
  • 100% made by superInk \(^_^)/

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